124*On Air
30 mins
Star Cast
Jennifer Winget,Khushal Tandon.

Beyhadh is a romantic thriller showing two different shades of love- one driven by obsession and the other by selflessness and purity .
Maya is a young business  tycoon who has made it big in the corporate world in their own . She fails in love with Arjun who is an aspiring photographer .
Saanjh  and Arjun  are childhood  friends  Saanjh has  Always  been secretly  in love with Arjun but it unable to confess here feeling  to him. When Arjun and Maya fall In love with each other her lifer turned upside down.  
Trouble begins  when Maya starts  getting obsess with Arjun and is incapable of staying without him even for a single second. Her obsession pushes her  on the brink of breaking her relationship with Arjun and harming him.  
At this point Saanjh steps In to save Arjun from Maya.

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