• Aahat

    An Approaching Fear


    Season 1-6: 287/28/2


    42 Minutes

    Akshaya Productions
  • star cast

    Various Artists
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Everybody likes a good ghost story. We have all been brought up on a diet of thrilling ghost stories since our childhood. The irony of a good ghost story is that we love to get scared. A good horror story is one which makes us watch it with closed eyes and which steals our sleep for many nights, gives us a lump that cannot be swallowed and above all sends a chill down the spine.

This show covers the entire realm of the supernatural – Ghosts, ghouls, goblins, zombies, haunted houses, ghost towns, possessed objects, witches and wizards, evil magicians, revenge stories, re-incarnation stories and much much more than the mind can imagine!

Every house has a story.  And some stories live on. Only to be re-lived by those who venture in. Creaking noises, footsteps, memories and nightmares are all coming alive on Aahat.