• Aathvaan Vachan - Saath Vachano se Badkar

    The Eighth Vow




    22 minutes

    Rose Audiovisual
  • star cast

    Vishal Sing, Mouli Ganguli, Vinny Arora, Varun Khnadewal


The story focuses on the life of a mentally challenged girl Urmi, who is a huge worry to her parents. Being mentally imbalanced, she is considered a burden on her family and a menace to everyone around except by her sister Manali. Manali loves her sister and does not want to leave her alone and therefore, refuses to pursue her career and get married. This situation puts Manali's parents' into a conundrum, because as Manali is growing older they worry about her marriage but at the same time they also worry about how they will handle Urmi once Manali gets married and moves out. They also worry if Urmi's mental status will act as a deterrent to Manali's happiness.

One day, Manali meets Aadesh, who has fallen in love with her and wants to get married to her. However Manali refuses as she feels her priority is to take care of her younger sister, Urmi. Hearing this, Aadesh promises that he will look after Urmi even after their marriage and to reaffirm his promise, Aadesh takes an 8th marriage vow - that of taking care of Urmi. While life for Urmi continues to be fun and games at her sister’s new house, fate has other plans for her. Manali dies leaving Urmi in Aadesh’s care. What will be Urmi fate? Will Addarsh live upto his eighth vow?