• Akela

    The Super Cop




    60 minutes

    Fireworks Production
  • star cast

    Pankaj Dheer, Sudhanshu Pandey, Sumeet Raghavan


Akela is a drama series on relationships, insecurities and an adventure of building a bridge across ‘The Two Worlds’. It is a story about exploration of life after death by the living.        

Ranvir is an ex-cop who after recovering from eight years of coma is coming to terms with his powers. He realizes he can see dead people and soon helping them becomes his life’s mission. He solves their cases with normal detective techniques and a mix of his powers, often using his own network of informers - dead people. On the other side he is picking the pieces of his now non-existent personal life. Watch the drama unfold as Ranvir balances the two worlds of life and death.