• Alpviram

    Life in Coma




    30 minutes

    Shobhana Desai Productions
  • star cast

    Amir Bashir, Anjan Shrivastava, Pallavi Joshi, Surbha Deshpande


Alpviram is a story of how destiny completely changes the life of a young girl. On her twenty first birthday, without any prior signs of health issues, the girl falls into a coma. Her fiancé takes good care of her but her health does not improve.  The girl lives with her grandparents who are now in trouble, financially as they live on pension and their granddaughter’s medical treatment is very expensive.

The condition of the family is already terrible but it takes a complete downfall when the girl is found pregnant. In her state of coma, the girl has been raped. Everyone is now a suspect - the doctors, the hospital staff and her fiancé.

How should the old couple live with this bitter fact and continue life without their granddaughter? How long should her fiancé prove his innocence and wait for her to recover? Will she even recover? Does she even know who her rapist is? With some brilliant, heart rendering performances, this serial sheds light on a sensitive issue relevant even today.