• Amber Dhara

    Twin Sisters




    30 minutes

    Swastik pictures
  • star cast

    Kashmeera Irani, Mona Ambegaonkar, Sudesh Berry, Sulagna Panigrahi
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The story revolves around the life of two conjoined twins, Amber and Dhara, who are conjoined at the hip and share a liver. 20% of the liver is a part of Amber's body and the remaining 80% is a part of Dhara's body, which according to a surgeon, rules out the possibility of a surgery being carried out to separate the twins without any fatality. The surgeon, a quack doctor who the twin's mother, Lata consulted, asserted that if a surgery was carried out, Amber would die which scares Lata from consulting other doctors.

Amber dreams of becoming a singer and thus at the behest of an acquaintance, Anuj, the girls go to Mumbai to pursue her dream. However later on they find out that Anuj was lying and he has other intentions of making them join the circus. Amber and Dhara are dressed up in clownish outfits and are told that they are going to sing for an audience but instead are tricked into coming to the circus where they are teased and laughed at.

However, the two girls manage to escape from the circus and their friend Akshat takes them in until they are able to pursue Amber's dream. The girls join a band and just when it seems like things are going fine, they are arrested for the murder of Akshat's mother. Amber Dhara's mother fights the case for them, but finds out that their dad who she has separated from is fighting for the other side.

After going through several hardships, in the end, Amber Dhara successfully get separated and live their lives happily ever after!