• Amita Ka Amit

    The Love of Two Common People




    22 Minutes

    Swastik Production
  • star cast

    Chandni Bhagwanani, Nishad Vaidya, Jagesh Muktai, Jyoti Gauba
  • Show reel of Amita Ka Amit


In today's era, every youngster, no matter from where they are or how they are, wants the spouse of their dreams – either Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt! In fact, every parent, too, wants the same for their kids!

This story is about the dreams of two youngsters, two average Gujarati youngsters and their families based in Mumbai. This is the story of 22 year old, an Arts graduate, Amita Patel and 24-year old, stock broker, Amit Shah, two everyday people whom we all know and have come across. Both have big dreams for their respective spouses.

However, what happens when these two “average” people who dream of an extraordinary spouse get married to each other out of compulsion? An extraordinary love story of two very ordinary people is what this series is all about.