• Babul Ka Aangan Chootey Na

    My First Home




    22 Minutes

    Chota Ganpati Telecreations
  • star cast

    Aastha Faujdar, Mehul Kajaria, Itishree Singh, Rameshwari, Sudharth Shukla, Vijay Kashyap
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Does a daughter’s responsibility towards her family end when she gets married? Can she continue to support them even when she stays with her husband’s family? Is it not fair to expect the husband to take the responsibility of her parents as she has of his?

This is a story of 24 year old Aastha, a young girl coming from a middle class family. She is the eldest of the three siblings and the sole breadwinner of her family. Aastha being the eldest also is the one who has to get married first. But with a brother who refuses to take responsibility of their parents, a sister who is struggling to get into the film industry and the youngest sister who has a physical deformity, there is no one who can support her family.

Aastha eventually does marry but her life now is an act of balancing the responsibilities of a daughter-in-law and the duty of a daughter. Can she fulfill both the roles with equal panache?