• Batliwala House No. 43




    22 Minutes

    Hats Off Production
  • star cast

    Delnaz Irani, Bakhtiyaar Irani


This is a story about a Parsi family in which their blue-eyed boy Shahrukh believes that like Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan, he too can make it big in the Hindi cinema after making it big on TV. His entire family decides to help him out and they set up a chat show right inside their house. Therefore the family runs their confectionary business during the day and holds the chat show during the night. Shahrukh becomes the main chat host and his family i.e. his mother, father and grandmother become the secondary hosts. However the secondary hosts do most of the chatting.

The show is a cross between a chat show and a sitcom and delves into the myriad idiosyncrasies of the guests and the hosts. It's a fun ride where everyone is constantly poking fun at each other and having a great time.