• Bayttaab Dil Kee Tamanna Hai

    The Hope of a Desperate Heart




    22 Minutes

    Balaji Telefilms
  • star cast

    Sumana Das, Priyamavada Kant, Pragati Chourasiya, Aman Verma, Karan Kundra


Three sisters, Kanchan, Shamoli and Kakoon arrive in Mumbai from their village in search of a livelihood. New to the city, they face several hardships whilst finding a job. Help arrives in the form of Veeru, the chauffeur and protégé of a powerful and wealthy lawyer named Kunal, who gets jobs for Kanchan and Shamoli as maids in Kunal's home. Shamoli impresses Kunal with her presence of mind as she saves him from a very difficult situation. The middle-aged Kunal, a confirmed bachelor for years, feels attracted to Shamoli and proposes to her not realizing that she and Veeru love each other. Unknown to them all, Kanchan also silently loves Veeru.

Kakoon has a major accident and needs expensive treatment at once and only Kunal is in a position to help. Shamoli quickly decides to accept his proposal and marry him. This angers Veeru and Kanchan, who believe Shamoli has lost her head over Kunal's wealth. Rejected by her loved ones, Shamoli struggles to be accepted in her husband's elite social circle.

Shamoli's resolve is tested further when Veeru comes to live in Kunal's house, following a surprise revelation that the two men are long-lost cousins. It is then that Kunal learns that Shamoli had married him only to save her little sister's life. So he offers to set her free from their marriage. However, in the end, Shamoli chooses to stay with her husband. Kanchan and Shamoli reconcile with each other and Veeru accepts the fact that Shamoli is now Kunal's wife. Veeru then decides to get married to Kanchan.