• Chhajje Chhajje Kaa Pyaar

    Love in the House




    22 minutes

    Karthik Ramalingam & Sanket M Vanzara
  • star cast

    Shambhavi Sharma, Manish Tulsiyani, Anjali Abrol.


Based in Delhi, this story deals with two families, the Sehgal's and the Tripathiis, living under the same roof as owners and tenants. There are various colorful characters sharing different emotions and bonds of friendship, animosity, love, hate, conspiracy, trust and respect.

The story starts with Dimple and Dhruv’s love-hate relationship and through them we establish the rest of the family members. The key elements in the story are, Dimple-Dhruv’s romance, the ever changing relationships between the two families which highlights the fact that "shaadi do dilon ka nahin do parivaaron ka milan hoti hai" i.e. marriage is not just between two people but it is the coming together of two families.