• Chintu Ban Gaya Gentleman

    Chintu, the Gentleman




    22 Minutes

    Deepti Bhatnagar
  • star cast

    Al Amin, Ashwini Khairnar


This is a fun show which captures the eventful life of our hero, Chintu. He is a lively young man who belongs to a small town in India and loves only three things in life, his coat, bicycle and Pinky, the most beautiful girl of his town.

Chintu is full of life and mischief. He is a simpleton who is clumsy and makes mistakes and sometimes falls into trouble. Chintu decides to travel with his girlfriend, Pinky to various exotic locations in India and abroad. Being a small town fellow his reactions while exploring the different countries or cities and their culture are extraordinary and hilarious.

The show takes the viewers through different situations in Chintu’s travel that make for a laughter riot.