• Comedy Club




    22 Minutes

  • star cast

    Karishma Tanna, Rajeev Nigam, Shakeel Siddiqui, Sucheta Khanna, V.I.P., Suresh Menon


This is a comedy show comprising of jokes enacted out in the form of gags and spoofs by an ensemble cast, linked together by talented comedians doing their stand ups. The stand-up links are shot on a specially created set, are high on gloss and the comedians are accompanied by a band. The gags chosen are based on what the common man will understand and will make him laugh out loud, (instead of subtle humor). Similarly, the stand-up comedy too will stay true to its form and stick to generic stories, personal observations and jokes, without hitting anyone below the belt or going into the sphere of political satire or news-based jibes.

Comedy Club presents jokes, acts and gags which will elicit full throated laughter and keep the viewers entertained throughout.