• Comedy Ka King Kaun

    King of Comedy




    22 Minutes

    Abhimanyu Singh
  • star cast

    Aamir Ramboo, Aayaz Sammu, Bhagwant Maan, Deepak Raja, Faisal, Masood, Gaurav Sharma, Kaasif Khan, P


This is a battle between twelve contestants to be crowned the King of Comedy.  The contenders are strong and have the wit of Birbal (the acclaimed minister of Mughal Emperor Akbar who was renowned for his intelligence and humour) each one outdoing the other to grab the title. Each participant will have to conquer three rounds to sail through each of the episodes (battles).

The rounds include the stand-up round where the contender gives a solo performance, the TT round where a participant from one group competes against the antics of another group and the Gag round where each team puts up one Gag with the help of a pool of actors. Together they promise to make you laugh out loud and forget all your worries.