• Desh Ki Beti-Nandini

    Daughter of the Soil




    22 minutes

    Rashmi Sharma
  • star cast

    Kirti Nagpure, Rafi Malik, Sujatha Sehgal


In the heart of old Delhi lives a young woman named Nandini. Well educated and cultured, she is full of life and enthusiasm. Nandini comes from a simple middleclass family and after her father’s retirement, she becomes the sole bread winner. She is quick-witted and poised, and can manage well in tough situations.

While the country faces everyday crisis similar to those experienced by the middle class homes of old Delhi, there exists a world, south of the city that is diametrically opposite, rich, powerful and ruthless – the Raghuvanshi family.

Gayatri Raghuvanshi is the fierce matriarch of this family, deeply embedded in national politics; she harbors a singular dream, to rule the country someday by ensuring that her son Rajveer becomes the next prime minister. Unlike Gayatri, her son Rajveer harbors no such ambitions.

In an attempt to win the hearts of the common middle class citizens, Gayatri gets Rajveer married to Nandini.  While Nandini struggles to align herself with her new family, she enthusiastically campaigns for her husband. Eventually fate brings her to her true calling – the Prime Minister’s seat. As the story unfolds, will Nandini be able to do justice with this position?