• Devi

    The Goddess




    30/60 minutes

    Devgan Software
  • star cast

    Anjana Mumtaz, Monish Behl, Sakshi Tanwar, Rakesh Pande


Faith and devotion can change destinies. ‘Devi’ explores this thought through a mythological drama woven into a social context. Gayatri, an orphan and a staunch devotee of Goddess Durga is married to Vikram, a rich, spoilt brat. Encouraged by his brother-in-law Vasu, Vikram indulges in different vices and wants to live a debauched life. He refuses to accept Gayatri as his wife. Vikram’s god fearing parents leave no stones unturned to make him realize Gayatri’s worth but it is all in vain. Vasu convinces Vikram to kill Gayatri and live his life his own way. An impulsive Vikram takes Gayatri to Vaishno Devi, a famous pilgrimage site and pushes her of a cliff.

Here comes the twist in the tale! The Goddess herself adopts a human manifestation to avenge the murder of her devotee Gayatri. On coming back from Vaishno Devi, Vikram is rendered speechless when he sees Gayatri in the house. He tries to prove that she is an imposter but fails as he cannot disclose the fact that he has murdered Gayatri.

Vikram’s sins keep increasing and the Goddess decides that she will have to corner Vikram to make him repent for his sins. She reverses time to a year back when Vikram had come home after killing Gayatri. But this time the Goddess does not come as Gayatri and Vikram has to answer the question, where is Gayatri?