• Dil hai chota sa, Choti si asha

    Win to make a difference




    50 Mins

    White Scripts
  • star cast

    Jay Soni, Ragni Khanna


In a clutter of game shows that pay exuberant and copious amounts of money to winners, this series is a definite norm breaker.

Centring on women from all walks of life, the format advocates self-reliance while creating a sense of empowerment. On the gaming front, we have a mix of memory games, exciting quiz rounds that range from mythology to in depth knowledge of household appliances & fun visual games.

The entertaining and innovative game show features contestants with emotional and inspiring stories. The show starts with four women from different backgrounds who have emotional and inspiring stories. They are invited to play through the different rounds and collect virtual money. At the end of the show, the winning sum is converted to cash and given to the women to empower herself and other individuals.