• Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi

    The Mind of the Heart




    22 minutes

    Behind The Scene
  • star cast

    Chand Dhar, Rupali Ganguli, Shruti Ulfat, Vishal Singh


Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi is the wait for love to fulfill its promises. It is a romantic soap targeted to all the eternal lovers of the world.

Amit is a very old fashioned, conservative boy who lives with his mother. After the death of his father and sister in a car accident, Amit has matured and taken a lot of responsibilities. In the same house lives Nikki who although from another city is finishing her education from the city they live in. Nikki is very fond of Amit but never expresses it.

Priya is Amit’s classmate who lives with her parents and is spoilt, pampered and very childish. Priya is used to having her way with everyone. Amit and Priya do not get along at all due to their different personalities but over time they grow fond of each other.

When Nikki gets to know of Amit’s new found love, she is heartbroken. What will happen now? Will Nikki’s true love be lost forever?