• Durgesh Nandini

    The Village in the City




    30 minutes

    Shobhana Desai
  • star cast

    Anupam Bhattacharya, Beena, Harshal Gaglani, Mohit Malik, Nishant Shaukeen, Parikshit Sahni, Rinku G


A light hearted drama series, Durgesh Nandini is a story that truly represents the two extremes of our diverse country - the rural countryside on one hand and the modern, posh city life on the other. The story takes off when a millionaire business tycoon Dharamdas Shrivstava dies and makes a parentless girl called Durgesh Nandini, living in a remote village (Lalgunj), the trustee of his entire fortune. The news completely shocks his two sons and a daughter who have actually planned the death of their father to acquire his entire property. The Shrivastava family is greatly displeased as Durgesh Nandinii arrives in their bungalow with her family and cattle and sets up her own little village within their palatial house. From here on starts a fun-filled East-meets-West warfare between the snobbish and prim and proper city folk and the rustic, happy-go-lucky Durgesh Nandini and her clan.