• Ekk Nayi Pehchan

    A New Identity




    24 minutes

    Prasad Gavandi
  • star cast

    Poonam Dhillon, Krystle D'Souza, Karan Sharma
  • Show reel of Ekk Nayi Pehchan


This is a story of a unique relationship between a mother-in-law and her daughter in law. Sharda, the mother-in-law and Sakshi, the daughter-in-law meet when they are complete strangers but end up striking a great bond with each other. Their bond grows stronger as they travel together in the journey of life.

Sharda is devoted to her family, she is helpful, nurturing but despite this is still taken for granted. The fact that she can’t read and write only adds to her woes. This show is a compelling and unique narrative of a woman’s search for her identity. Sharda the central protagonist is led down this journey by her daughter-in-law who sets the ball rolling by helping Sharda to first read and write and then urges her to get a degree. She thus encourages her to study and even gets her enrolled in an adult education program.

Sharda in turn dutifully shares with Sakshi her own life’s lessons and helps Sakshi in making her marriage work. This unique mother and daughter in-law dynamic breaks the traditional mould of a bickering, unpleasant, hate relationship that mother and daughter in-laws are normally associated with.  Find out more as Sharda and Sakshi face everyday challenges, together.