• Family No. 1




    22 minutes

    Edit II Productions
  • star cast

    Aparna, Kabir, Kanwaljeet Singh, Tanvi Azmi


Family No. 1 is a story of six kids belonging to two families. The problem arises with the fact that the two families cannot stand each other. The catch is that they stay in the same house.

The first family consists of Rahul, Rashmi, and Guddu who live with their father. Rahul is a fan of Mogambo and literally worships him! Rashmi’s life revolves around the way she looks and she is always on the hunt for more cosmetics to shop. Guddu is a school going boy and is very clever and shrewd.

Their rivals are the Potias who consist of Bharti, Tufan and Dev. These three children live with their mother. Dev, the oldest is very innocent, gullible, and practices Karate diligently. Bharti, who is younger to Dev is very smart and a good cook. Tufan is very fat and loves eating. He goes to the same school as Guddu does.

The two families cannot see eye to eye on any matter.  They even have a rope to demarcate their respective areas. How do these eight people survive? Family No. 1 is a laugh riot about these two families who are forced to live together and their hilarious escapades.