• Four

    Four Friends




    30 minutes

    Shobhana Desai
  • star cast

    Mansi Parekh, Raj Singh Arora, Samir Sharma, Vipul Gupta


This is the story of four friends from a small town who have big dreams and the determination to achieve them.

It is the story of Rocky, Mannu, Rattu and TP who have landed in Mumbai from Palankhet with the sole objective of making it big in life. Rocky loves music, but in accordance with his father's wishes, he has joined a medical college while Mannu wants to be a rockstar to fulfill his grandfather’s wishes. Rattu wants to make a lot of money to help his parents recover their lost home. He also loves biking and wants to be an ace biker. TP loves Rocky and is an aimless girl. The serial covers the various twists and turns their life takes as they try to fulfill their dreams.

Through all the chaos, pain, discomfort, hard times, strained relations and impossible dreams, they emerge and succeed but at what cost? Will success redefine their friendship and unity?