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    30 minutes

    ARS Longa Vita Brevis
  • star cast

    Addy, Bharati Acherekar, Hardik Sagani, Neeta Shetty, Sooraj Thappar, Supriya Shukla


Welcome to the family of classic goofballs! This series is about a family of three generations who always end up making a big blunder of things even though they have the right intentions!

The family is headed by a sweet, plump dietician and her commission agent husband. A caring woman, the mother puts her heart into every situation that any member of the family faces which only adds to the confusion.

The eldest member of the family is the grandmother who still treats her 45 years old son Mr. Motwani as if he is only ten. The four kids in the family, whether it is the eight year old Jhanvi or the 20 year old Riya have their own eccentricities. The family faces a new problem almost every day and with much ease the mother converts that into a full blown crisis! Luckily, however, the problem usually gets sorted and all is well… till there is one more to solve!