• Gili Gili Gappa

    My Magical Mother




    22 minutes

  • star cast

    Shweta Gulati, Varun Badola, Shoma Anand
  • Show reel of Gili Gili Gappa


This story is about some children, who one day trouble their maternal grandmother so much that she decides to send them off to a hostel. Despite trying to reason it out, their grandmother refuses to budge.  The children realise that if their mother was there, she would have never allowed anyone to send them to a hostel. They huddle up and together pray to God to return their mother. At that moment, a shooting star crosses over and their wish gets granted with immediate effect. The kids’ mother is sent to them from heaven for a certain time period to salvage them from their situation and life takes a U-turn for everyone from there. However there is a catch. The mother is a ‘work-in-progress angel’ and thus she isn’t very good with her magic which often results in her tricks backfiring, leading to unusual, hilarious situations.

The kids along with their mother now try to straighten out their lives as well as help out in their father’s professional life. Thus start this rollercoaster magical journey with adventures galore!