• Godh Bharai

    Becoming a Mother




    22 minutes

    Sphere Origins
  • star cast

    Pallavi Subhash, Shakti Anand, Mohit Malik, Aanchal Dwivedi


The story portrays the life of a couple, Aastha and Shivum, who cannot conceive a child. Though it is her husband who is infertile, Aastha doesn't reveal the truth to their family for his sake. Hence Aastha is associated with the stigma of being infertile, or baanjh, as is considered in the Indian society.

A homeless child finds his way into Aastha and Shivum’s lives and seeing this as a blessing, they decide to take care of him as their own, naming him Krishna. However it is later revealed, that the child was actually kidnapped and given to Shivum by a woman under false pretenses. As the show continues, they manage to adopt Krishna, yet Meena (the eldest daughter-in-law of the family) remains jealous of Aastha and her new adopted son.

Miraculously, Aastha becomes pregnant and so does Meena at the same time. They both eventually give birth to a boy and girl respectively. Just as we think everyone has settled down and got what they wanted there is another twist in the tale. How far will Meena go to have Aastha and her innocent children thrown out of the house? How far will she go to become her in-laws centre of attention?