• Gupshup Coffee Shop

    The Coffee Shop – Walk of Life




    30 minutes

    Maverick Production Pvt. Ltd.
  • star cast

    Eva Grover, Navneet Nishan, Shalini Sahuta, Sudhir Pande


The story revolves around three very sweet but spendthrift ladies of an affluent family who face a challenge. They decide to start their own venture and freeze upon the idea of running a coffee shop. The three buddies expect it to be a cakewalk but soon discover that is not the case. Being legendary socialists, the ladies struggle to separate their business from their private life and always end up in financial trouble.

The café attracts a variety of people from different walks of life – social workers, politicians, students, retired people and a whole lot more and these ladies, well, they can’t help but be involved in the lives of their customers and more often than not make a mess of it!