• Gutar Gu

    Unspeakable Madness


    Season 1-3: 122/39/2


    24 minutes

    BP Singh
  • star cast

    Sheetal Maulik, Sunil Grover, Nayan Bhatt, Bhavana Balsavar, Jaidutt Vyas, KK Goswami


This is India's first silent comedy series. The show's cast members do not speak on screen and the entire episode is in mime.

Gutur Gu is based on a character named Balu a simple, innocent and super enthusiastic person who stays with his family consisting of his wife, parents and his grandmother. Each member of the family has an interesting role to play, such as the television addict grandmother or the manipulative and demanding wife. Balu also has a body builder neighbor who troubles and beats him up. The best actors who possess an incredible gift for pantomime have been chosen for the series.

The episodes feature a series of incidents and confusions that Balu creates as he invariably manages to get into some accident or the other. He somehow succeeds to turn even mundane situations into indigenous adventures.