• Haal Kaisa Hai Janabka

    The Hilarious Hospital




    22 Minutes

  • star cast

    Tanaaz Irani and others


This series makes you forget the pain and misery normally associated with a hospital and takes a look at its funny side. A very sweet comedy set in a hospital named, Imartibai Ghevarmal Memorial Hospital, the story revolves around the doctors and nurses of the hospital.

From secretly nursing ambitions to become a film star to the psychiatrist needing some counseling, himself the doctors are a riot in themselves. The nurses have a life of their own, with one nurse requiring full time supervision as her life revolves around men while the other falling hopelessly in love with any doctor she meets. The patients also ensure that there is never a dull moment whether it is protesting against hospital food or behaving in a way that throws a perfectly normal place out of gear.

The plots are sometimes emotional and sometimes extremely funny. So be sure to check in, even if there is nothing wrong because as the saying goes, Laughter is the best medicine!