• Haasil




    22 Minutes

    Alchemy Productons
  • star cast

    Zayed Khan ,Vatsal Seth,Nikita Dutta
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Set in a highly affluent set up in Mumbai, the show focuses on the lives of two brothers; Kabir & Ranvir Raichand and how their lives evolve when they both fall in love with Aanchal who comes from a world which is very different from their reality.

The bubble of love is punctured by an apparent twist of fate that ensures Aanchal ends up marrying the brother she admires rather than the brother she loves only to discover post her marriage that she is just a pawn in chessboard of the Raichand empire.
Haasil will make people Question whether in this day and age when everybody uses their brains to make Logical decisions is it fair to fall in Love & put everything on line?