• Hamari Sister Didi

    Love in the Hospital




    22 minutes

    Deeya Singh, Tony Singh
  • star cast

    Pariva Pranati, Bhanu Uday
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This series is about Amrita, also known as Sister Didi, who is the head nurse at Muskaan Hospital. This hospital was her husband, Dr. Avinash's dream and even after his untimely death Amita continues to ensure that the hospital is run just as he would have wanted. Amrita’s cheerful disposition and unorthodox approach to medical treatment often has her at logger heads with the chief administrator of the hospital board. The stern, no-nonsense head of staff also happens to be the mother of Amrita’s deceased husband.

Amrita’s life takes a sudden turn when Dr. Karan, a brilliant, charismatic, by-the-book doctor, and a friend of her deceased husband joins the hospital staff. A clash in ideology, emotional turmoil and the lingering memories of her husband keep Amrita away from accepting that her heart can love again. Things however start to turn tricky when her children’s fondness for Karan starts to grow, along with her own blossoming feelings. Will Sister Didi ever find love again?