• Hongey Juda Na Hum

    Fall in Love, Again




    22 Minutes

    Ravi Adhikari, Paritosh Painter
  • star cast

    Raqesh Vashisth, Aamna Sharif, Aamir Ali
  • Show reel of Hongey Juda Na Hum


This is the tempestuous love story of a young married couple, rediscovering love after meeting with a tragic car accident, which causes a lapse in their memories.

Rohan and Muskaan are a young couple who have been married for five years. They love each other deeply, but like most couples, continuously bicker and fight. One day, the two of them meet with a tragic car accident and lose their memory, forgetting their past, as well as each other. The doctors’ advice their respective parents to keep the two apart, for their wellbeing. Muskan and Rohan go their separate ways and start life afresh, once more strangers to each other.

Fate intervenes in a mysterious way, a year passes, and life gives Rohan and Muskaan another chance as their paths cross again.

This is a story of rediscovering love, the story of a married couple who have faced the ups and downs of marriage and are suddenly faced with a tragedy which separates them, only to be brought together again as two strangers, to fall in love all over again.