• Hum Hai Na

    The Three Loves of My Life




    22 Minutes

    Deeya Singh, Tony Singh
  • star cast

    Kanwar Dhillon, Pratyusha Banerjee
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This is a love story set in the heart of the holy city of Varanasi, where Bunty, a young, fun loving guy is born and raised. Bunty’s love for his mother and sisters is above all and he ensures they are taken care of and protected everywhere they go.

At the very shores of the river Ganga, Bunty meets Sagarika who is the daughter of a retired professor and has recently moved to Varanasi with her family. Bunty and Sagarika eventually fall in love and Bunty tries to impress her father, the professor by helping him settle in and attending to his and his family’s needs in Varanasi. As the story unfolds Bunty finds himself in a confounding situation where he trying to please all the women he loves, his mother, sister and lover.

Will Bunty also be able to impress the professor and win Sagarika’s hand in marriage? Will Bunty live up to the expectations of his family and that of his lover?