• Hum Ladkiyaan

    The Dreams of Girls




    22 Minutes

    Emotion Pictures
  • star cast

    Girish Sachdev, Nitish Pandey, Ashok Lokhande, Nitika Anand, Sonal Jha, Jahnvi, Toshika Verma,


This is the story of four young girls who are based in the holy city of Varanasi in India. Pooja who is ever sacrificing, Sapna is someone who loves to dress up and dream all day, Alka who is an amazing singer and Ajju who is a simple person with average looks. This series depicts the simplicity of their lives, the aspirations, friendship, desires and needs of these four small town girls.

 Life in Varansi has everything going for the girls, whether they are wandering on the ghats of the Ganges, eating mouth-watering gol guppas (an Indian speciality) in the narrow lanes or just chatting away on the terrace, there is never a dull moment. However, they look forward to going to college where their life will be different, far from their sheltered and protected homes.

With stars and big dreams in their eyes, the four girls move along to explore life outside their home. There, they learn the ways of the world and life is not as rosy as it seemed. But what happens when it’s time for their marriage? Nobody knows how their journey will be, not even their families who cannot imagine life without them. A heart-warming journey of the four vivacious girls, this series is a must watch.