• Hum Pardesi Ho Gaye

    Losing My Homeland




    30 Minutes

    Sanjay Upadhyay
  • star cast

    Aashish Chowdhary, Kartika Devi Rane, Perizaad Zorabian, Rakesh Pendey, Sulabha Arya


Shot extensively on locations abroad, this heart-wrenching and sensitive serial portrays the life of a young, educated girl Mallika, who is hurriedly married to an NRI living in America by her parents. It is about her struggles and how she faces the complicated situations that arise after marriage.

The serial rings true as most of us know of gullible parents who get their daughters married without adequate information about the groom, hoping to give their daughters a life of abundance after marrying them off to rich young men in some far-off land.  But often, these marriages end up in a disaster. Thus this series is a poignant and socially relevant story which touches one’s heart.