• HumSafars





    22 Minutes

    Gul Khan
  • star cast

    Shivya Pathania, Vibha Chibber, Sehban Azim, Madhumalti, Purva Parag
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This show is set against the backdrop of the glamorous but ruthless fashion world. It is a passionate love story between a small town girl Arzoo and heartless fashion mogul, Sahir.

Arzoo, who is from Lucknow comes to Mumbai to fulfill her dreams of becoming a fashion designer and ends up working for Sahir who owns a fashion house, Sayaara. What follows is an intense love story between two imperfect and contrasting individuals and what happens when their worlds collide.

While Arzoo believes that with your family's love and hard work you can achieve anything, Sahir thrives on power and money and will not stop at anything to achieve what he wants. However, destiny has different plans for them and how the yin and the yang find true love in each other is what makes this show an unconventional and heart-tugging love story.