• Jaane Kahan Mera Jigar Gaya Ji

    Love Lost




    30 minutes

    Bhagwanti Productions
  • star cast

    Bhavna Balsaver, Rituraj


The story is based against the backdrop of the Hindi film industry or Bollywood as it is popularly known as. It depicts all the drama, manipulations, betrayal, love and myriad emotions that go hand in hand with the film industry.

It is the story of Anadita, the top star of her time, told through the eyes of her five year old daughter Taruna. Anandita shares her loneliness with her co-star Karan which leads to Taruna also getting close to him as above all Taruna craves for a family. When Karan starts ignoring Anandita it affects Taruna more than her mother. Taruna finds a friend in Sheena who tries to glue the broken pieces of Taruna’s life and becomes a strong support system for Taruna.

Will glory and passion consume a person so much so that her own child is forgotten? This epic drama with all its emotions will keep you glued to your television.