• Jaat Ki Jugni




    22 Minutes

    Rashmi Sharma Telefilms Limited
  • star cast

    Vishal Vashishtha,Madirakshi Mundle,Rakesh Pandey, Sagar Saini,Rinku Karmarkar


Set against the charismatic backdrop of semi-rural Haryana, Jaat ki Jugni is a refreshing take on young love and  the unusual journey it embarks on. Reinstating every person’s right to choose his/her life partner, Inder (Bittu), a carefree rebel with an inherently good heart and fierce belief in love, falls for the naïve, highly sensitive but an eternal romantic, Aarna (Munni); who is unaware of the make-believe world her brothers have built for her, marked by the absence of men…
But, why?
Jaat ki Jugni takes its audiences through the unapologetic ways of Inder & his constant pursuit of love along with Aarna’s internal struggle against her own life in a bubble. Complete with contrasting families actively contributing to the dramatic twists & turns in their love story.