• Jagir

    It's all in the Family




    22 minutes

    Roshan Films International
  • star cast

    Anjana Mumtaj, Deepika Deshpande, Mohan Bhandari, Nishiganda Wad


This series is a family drama filled with intrigue and emotions. It is the story of a family where the father cannot let go of the past and the mother who is ripped apart by the constant family conflicts. It is the story of a son who is seduced into a life of crime while his brother rigidly follows his ideals and a sister for whom love spells disaster.

The father Mr. Gupta is an advocate and is a man of principles. Yet, his son Ranjit is into black marketing of movie tickets. His other son Shekhar on the other hand is a dedicated worker who desperately wants his brother to return to a life of honesty while Madhuri, the youngest sister falls in love with a man who Ranjit had conned.

How will the complications in the relationship turn out? Will the family ever be a family again?