• Ji Behenji

    The Duo of mother & daughter-in-law




    22 Minutes

    Garima Production
  • star cast

    Rejeshwari Badola


This is a hilarious comedy about the quintessential middle class "Behenji" (also meaning lady) who takes on the onus to fight against the day-to-day problems and issues that surround the middle class strata. She is a widow living with her son and daughter-in-law and together they run a provisions store nearby.


Behenji has her own set of principles and solutions to life that she does not expect others to follow but stands by them strongly. She is not preachy but rather great fun when she decides to teach a lesson to someone. She is fun and fearless and does not think twice before speaking her mind. Unlike the usual mother-in-laws that we see, she supports her daughter-in-law in everything and anything that she does. Even the crooks in their locality are terribly scared of this duo! A breath of fresh air from the usual family dramas, this show makes for great TV watching.