• Kahin Diya Jale Kahin Jiyaa

    The Loveless Marriage




    22 minutes

    Karnik Media and Communications
  • star cast

    Asha Bachani, Mukul Dev, Prachi Shah, Reena Wadhwa


For those whose staple diet on television is romance and heartbreak, this is manna from heaven. This series is the story of the wealthy Rajvansh family whose scion, Rohit, gets engaged to Payal, a girl of another prominent family.

The entire Rajput community thinks this to be a match made in heaven. But not Rohit who is in love with Suhasini and who has broken all ties with Rohit when she found out that she could not conceive. Unaware of all this Payal gets married to Rohit, looking forward to a life of bliss but her dreams are shattered. She soon discovers her mother-in-law also wanted Suhasini as her daughter-in-law but the yearning for a grandson was so strong that she had to accept Payal.

Even as Payal is struggling to try to win Rohit over, the Rajvansh family is shocked by a devastating discovery about her past. What will she do? What can she do, trapped as she is in a loveless marriage and scorned by her mother-in-law? Will Suhasini’s shadow keep falling on her life? Faced with so many dilemmas, Payal loses hope. Well, almost…