• Khatmal-e-Ishque


    79* On going


    22 Minutes

    Garima Productions
  • star cast

    Vishal Malhotra,umang Jain


Â�Khatmal-E-Ishque is a romantic comedy narrating short stories of ageless love –The love which is beyond imagination & which can change your life forever.This light hearted comedy will introduce multiple lovable characters in multiple heart-warming situations.

This is story about Kapil Dev a traffic constable who has a unique style of controlling the traffic, he dances to control the traffic in his unique way  which has got him lot of love and fan followings in the city. Meanwhile in his daily routine he happens to meet Lovina and its love at first sight for him. She too is impressed with his unique style, they fall in love and decide to take their relationship to next level[marriage],but there is twist in this cute love story, Lovina’s father who was once a spy agent has 1 condition that he his son-in-law has to be a army, navy or and air-force officer. How a traffic constable from Maharashtra and a physiotherapist from goa make this happen is worth watching.arming situations.