• Khwahish

    A Hope




    22 minutes

    Pritish Nandy Communications, Pvt. Ltd.
  • star cast

    Annie Thomas, Mini Mathur, Nakul Vaid, Radhika Anand


This is the story of three women and their lives, their love, their insecurities and their fantasies.

Anuradha Singh is a young girl, very innocent but determined to make it big. Anuradha knows she will have to work hard to reach to the top and is ready to face all the challenges that come her way. Canny is a tall, glamorous supermodel whose past still haunts her. She is filled with loneliness and is in search of happiness in life. She has all the men falling for her looks but she is still lonely at heart. The third woman, Anisha Merchant is very talented. Her talent pulls her into the fashion industry where there is a stumbling block at every step but she is a super star in her own right.

This series artfully weaves the stories of these three women and beautifully captures their ambitions, hopes and aspirations. This is a series which every woman will be able to relate to somewhere or the other.