• Kismat





    22 minutes

    Yash Raj Films
  • star cast

    Rahul Bagga, Viraf Patel, Subramanyam


Kismat (meaning Fate) is a saga spread over sixty years, taking us through the lives of two men - Aditya Merchant and Kabir Khan, who share a strange karmic bond imposed by destiny.

Born on the same historic day of India’s Independence, 15th August 1947, life takes them through diverse experiences on different paths that define the course of their lives and their character as men. Destiny rules that Aditya and Kabir’s paths cross and in time, this immutable play of destiny bring Aditya and Kabir face-to-face in a conflict that has far reaching implications. A twist of fate, an unfortunate turn of events, coincidence, all conspire to make this conflict grow with each passing year, until this tug of war for revenge, power and prestige eventually becomes the sole reason for their existence.

Will this rift ever be bridged? What if their children fall in love with each other? What role will fate play in their lives then?