• Kkusum

    The Perfect Woman




    22 minutes

    Balaji Telefilms
  • star cast

    Anuj Saxena, Nausheen Ali Sardar, S.K. Batra, Savita Prabhune
  • Show reel of Kkusum


Kkusum, the protagonist of the show, epitomizes the values and virtues of an Indian woman who puts the well-being of her family before herself and upholds her principles at all cost.

Kkusum is a story about a woman whose upbringing has taught her to be strong willed, self-respecting yet loving and caring. Kkusum is married to Abhay who belongs to a very rich family. A few years into her marriage, Kkusum has a miscarriage and is told that she cannot conceive. Desperate to give her family an heir, she brings in Mahi to be a surrogate mother. Eventually, due to a series of misunderstandings, Kkusum is forced to leave the Kapoor house and is shocked on realizing that she is pregnant. Over the next eighteen years, she inculcates her idealistic values in her daughter Kumud, meanwhile, Kusum’s husband Abhay brings up his daughter Kali with Mahi’s help. Amidst all the doting and pampering, Kali grows up to be a spoilt brat and pressurizes Abhay to mary Mahi.

The two sisters go through their youth abhorring each other, not knowing their true relationship.  What happens when the two half-sisters fight for the same man? Will Kkusum and Abhay ever re-unite?