• Kuch Toh Log Kahenge

    Blossoming Love




    22 minutes

  • star cast

    Mandar Devasthali, Sharad Pandey, Rishi Mandial Kritika Kamra, Sharad Kelkar, Karan Wahi, Alok Nath
  • Show reel of Kuch Toh Log Kahenge


This show is a mature love story between two people, with a substantial age gap. The show focuses on a team of doctors in the picturesque city of Lucknow in India and revolves around their routines at the hospital as well as their private lives.


Besides the 18 year age difference, the two protagonists, Dr. Ashutosh and Dr. Nidhi have a totally different outlook and perspective in life. He is a serious, no-nonsense man, who has built his life around his career, leaving no room for relationships while she is a vivacious young woman who looks upon life with a sense of humour.


Aushtosh is initially annoyed with Nidhi’s zest for life, but he eventually gives in to his feelings and falls in love with her, and she with him. A quiet love blossoms between the two, however Ashutosh is a victim of his own misgivings and the walls he has built around himself. For some reason he shuts Nidhi out completely in order to forget her.

 Will Nidhi be able to break through the fort that Ashutosh has built around himself? What happens when both their pasts come to haunt them and pitch them against each other?