• Lo-Kar-Lo-Baat

    Madness on Stage




    22 minutes

    Kalkush and Company Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
  • star cast

    Jignesh Joshi, Manmeet Singh, Saurabh Shukla, Veer Das


The show attempts to enter a virtually virgin space on Indian Television of ‘improvisation comedy’.
Comprising of 1 anchor and 4 actors, these participants will instantly invent unrehearsed skits, games, relying only on their quick wit and improvisational skills. The participants will be given special tasks and games to test their spontaneity, creativity, humor and improvisation abilities.

The show will prove to the audiences across the nation that you don't need to be a champion actor to be an interesting and well-informed comedian. Guaranteed to leave you rolling in your seats with laughter, this is a must watch show!