• Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage

    Love v/s Arranged Marriage




    22 minutes

    Sunjoy Waddhwa, Comall Sunjoy
  • star cast

    Samaira Rao, Rishika Mihani, Raju Kher, Ashish Kapoor


This show explores the age old debate between love and arranged marriages. Without taking any sides, the show innovatively portrays the idea that marriage is a partnership in which sometimes one needs to arrange the love and at other times, one must love the arrangement.

Mansi and Shivani are best friends, who are totally opposite to each other in their attitude and ideals. Each of them, however, is passionate and committed to their relationships and determined to have a happy marriage. Mansi belongs to a prosperous family and is beautiful, cultured, conservative and well-mannered - the ideal wife for any Indian man. She is resigned to the idea of marrying whoever her parents choose for her. Shivani is the antithesis of Mansi wherein she comes from a modest background and is independent and assertive. The soul breadwinner of the family, she runs a successful business and unlike her friend is determined to choose her own life partner.

Unlike many other places, a marriage in India is not just a union between two people, but also two families. The numerous beautiful and often tumultuous moments in a marriage may result in severing fragile ties between people, but may also lead to the formation of precious bonds. This is a story of relationships that evolve through the sacred act of matrimony and how they grow or wither in the years to come.