• Love Story

    Epic Romance




    22 minutes

    Subrat Bose, Anurag Basu
  • star cast

    Harsh Chayya, Mishal Raheja, Payal Sarkar, Rupa Ganguly
  • Show reel of Love Story


The show is based on the love story of Akash and Shruti. What starts off as an innocent boy meets girl romance soon turns into a drawn-out fight for power and love. Personalities clash, egos are tested and relationships strained, all owing to this love affair. Welcome to the world of thought-provoking love and war, welcome to the lives of Akash and Shruti.

This is a star-crossed violent love story just like the story of Romeo-Juliet, set in contemporary Delhi. Akash is the typical brooding hero, perhaps carrying the burden of the upheaval in the lives of his parents, Additional Commissioner of Police, Rohit Saxena and Ritu who are separated. From being a talented student, once he has now slipped to being a goon. Yet his rugged charm attracts girls, especially his cute junior in college, Shruti. They fall in love and all hell breaks loose on Akash. Shruti’s uncle, a local don and politician who had once been sent to jail by Akash’s father and her brother Arjun who heads a rival gang in college and is always at loggerheads with Akash vow to harm Akash. The lovers elope, but Akash is hunted down and shot. As he lies fighting for his life in the hospital, the story takes off, oscillating between the present and the past, told through flashbacks.

An epic saga of love, this series will force you to fall in love once again.