• Main Kab Saas Banoongi

    The new daughter-in-law




    22 minutes

    Deepti Bhatnagar Productions
  • star cast

    Vandana Pathak, Bharti Achrekar, Ambika, Anil Dhawan, Sachin Chabra, Gayatri Chaudhari, Rajeev Kumar


The show is an interesting, comic tug-of-war between a mother and daughter-in-law which has carried over three generations. The story moves from the point of view of a daughter-in-law who wants to enjoy her new role as a mother-in-law, but her own mother-in-law doesn’t allow her to move away from her former role as a daughter-in-law.


Suppressed for years, now the daughter-in-law wants vent out her stifled aspirations and make her new daughter-in-law do the same things which she was asked to do. But the elder mother-in-law still sees to it that her daughter-in-law doesn’t get out of her control. And so the story moves with the women taking jibes at each other in a light-hearted manner.

 Will the daughter-in-law finally be able to fulfil her aspiration of becoming a mother-in-law or she will always remain a daughter-in-law? An interesting take on the mother and daughter-in-law relationship, this is a must watch series