• Meri Biwi Wonderful

    My Wife is Wonderful




    22 minutes

    Neela Telefilms
  • star cast

    Tanaz Currim,Dilip Joshi,Rakesh Bbedi,Rashmi Sharma


The story revolves round a fairy named Angela who is forced to live in the world with mortals but has to use her magical powers regularly to keep them from diminishing. Raj is a creative director in an advertising agency, who meets Angela and falls in love with her. Raj and Angela get married and only after their marriage does Raj comes to know of the super powers of his newly wedded wife, Angela. Now Raj can do nothing about it.

The unusual marriage between a fairy and a human being gives birth to some super hilarious situations. It becomes more prominent with the fact that the mother of Angela, who is also a fairy does not approve of the marriage of her fairy daughter with a mere mortal and tries to dominate her son in law at each step.